Holiday Lodge Insurance in East Sussex

What Role Do Our Brokers Play?

Are you seeking holiday home insurance for a leisure property in and around the East Sussex area? If yes, you have likely already encountered some industry-specific terms. Indeed, our own position of insurance brokers sometimes requires some clarity. When it comes to static caravan insurance, park home insurance and holiday lodge insurance, we recognise how highly you value clear and transparent details.

As such, we have outlined below what exactly an insurance broker is and the role we perform as yours.

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What is an Insurance Broker?

According to Statista, the UK insurance industry is the largest in Europe, and the fourth biggest in the world. More than 3,000 insurance brokers operate across the country, many of whom have diverse specialities. For example, At Insure Any Lodge, we focus on markets that include static caravan insurance, park home insurance and holiday lodge insurance.

A formal definition describes an insurance broker as: a person or company registered as an adviser on matters of insurance. They help to set up cover for clients with an appropriate insurer.

As you can see, insurance brokers differ from insurers. As holiday home insurance specialists for East Sussex and the surrounding areas, we show you various cover options. Because we operate in your best interests, our company only presents policies that suit your own specific requirements.

Next, our company finds you an insurer and then helps you to make, and manage, any subsequent claims.

In short, we work to find you the right insurer, one who fits with your personal, rental or business requirements. The responsibility for any risk associated with your policy lays with the insurer.

From static caravan insurance to park home insurance to holiday lodge insurance, in the event of a claim against your policy, the insurer pays out, not us.

Authorised and Regulated Holiday Home Insurance

Working in your best interests represents the focal point of our services as an insurance broker. Whether in East Sussex or any other location, the sole motivation is finding you comprehensive cover at a great price.

In order to guarantee this, reputable insurance brokers are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA have strict rules that we and all other brokers must follow in order to deliver on your best interests. For full transparency, our FCA reference number is 306098.

In addition, Insure Any Lodge is administrated by RT Waters Ltd, who is a member of BIBA (the British Insurance Brokers’ Association). As the country’s premier general insurance intermediary organisation, BIBA represents the interests of you, your insurance brokers and any intermediaries.

We provide the following cover for our clients in and around East Sussex:

• Holiday Lodge Insurance
• Holiday Lodge Let Insurance
• Holiday Home Insurance
• Static Caravan Insurance
Park Home Insurance

Call 01372 375 155 to discuss options for, and the benefits of, holiday lodge insurance in East Sussex. We cover everything from static caravans to holiday homes.


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