Static Caravan Insurance

in East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Nationwide and in Europe

Static caravans, as well as everything inside them, represent valuable investments. While they provide great opportunities for affordable, late-notice breaks and holidays, they can also remain unattended for weeks or months at a time. Despite being on the grounds of registered holiday parks, caravans remain at risk from weather and storm damage, theft, vandalism and more. With bespoke static caravan insurance tailored to your specific requirements, you have the ultimate peace of mind for all eventualities.

Based in Leatherhead, Surrey, Insure Any Lodge operates throughout the surrounding areas, including East Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire. However, as a truly nationwide and continental company, our insurance brokers provide cover for static caravans across the UK and Europe too.

Insure Any Lodge is administrated by RT Waters Ltd, who is a member of BIBA. We are also regulated and authorised by the FCA. As such, you can rest assured that we work tirelessly to find you static caravan insurance from trusted insurers. The policies we present to you will always cover your specific personal, rental or business requirements.

To take the first step toward complete, personalised cover for your static caravan, contact Insure Any Lodge on 01372 375 155. Whether locally in East Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire, or anywhere else in the UK and Europe, our team is always on hand to help.

The Importance of Static Caravan Insurance

Imagine for a moment if your caravan suffered significant damage in a storm, or was broken into, vandalised and burgled. With inadequate or no insurance in place, you could end up significantly out of pocket.

While static caravan insurance doesn’t eliminate these risks, it helps to minimise the financial impact you might face if they were to arise.

From the first point of contact, we treat you as an individual with unique insurance requirements. However, static caravan insurance policies tend to cover the same essential points, including:

Storm and Flood Cover – From high winds in East Sussex and West Sussex to leaking windows in Hampshire, this kind of damage remains a major concern for most static caravan owners across the UK. Possible exclusions include damage caused by gates, fences and hedges, as well as frost damage. Caravans in flood risk areas might find coverage comes with additional terms.

Theft or Attempted Theft – When it comes to static caravans, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. A significant amount of our clients list theft and criminal activity as a major concern when away from their property. Such activity usually comes through forcible, violent entry. With this aspect of static caravan insurance, you have protection against loss and damage. This includes new for old contents insurance.

Home Care Emergencies – Often an additional product with most policies, home care protection provides around the clock assistance if an emergency should arise. This covers situations like drainage, internal plumbing, doors, windows, locks, broken or lost keys, heating repairs and roofing issues.

Additional Cover for Personal Needs – Our static caravan insurance brokers work hard to provide policies with as much standard cover as possible. However, some requirements simply come down to personal choice. In addition to the above, we adapt to include additional cover for whatever you may need.

Insure Any Lodge operates locally in East Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire, as well as across the UK and Europe. Our team shares more than 100 years of experience, giving us the unmatched expertise to find personalised, cost-effective static caravan insurance solutions.

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